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Basement Waterproofing


Wet basements can be a serious problem for homeowners and businesses, costing thousands of dollars in damage and repairs. Unfortunately, most property owners don't catch the early warning signs before it's too late and the basement finally floods during a heavy rain. Mission Creek Basement Waterproofing offers solutions that will help control leaky basements and prevent water from entering your basement regardless of how big or small. We offer free inspections and customized appraisals, based upon the type of work you may need, from a hydrostatic pressure relief system, a French drain, or any other below-grade remediation.
Waterproofing—Construction Contractor in Duluth, Minnesota
You can trust Mission Creek, as the residents of Duluth, MN have been doing for many years. Mission Creeks state-of-the-art basement waterproofing techniques and scientifically-formulated products have set the standard in the industry. Please Call us for complete information on french drains, sump pumps and installation, basement moisture problems, mold and mildew, basement ventilation, DIY basement waterproofing, and information on how to check for basement water damage. We'll tell you about hydrostatic pressure and our patented method of resolving the problem. Call 218-GO4-HELP
Egress Windows

Egress Window Installation

Every home with a basement should have a second egress (way out) other than the basement Stairs. We offer a complete line of Egress Window options including walkout basement openings. Needing an Egress Window one time and not having it is once too many times. We do everything in house including the concrete cutting and excavation.

When creating a new living space in the basement it is always a good idea to consider the safety of adding a second means to get out of the basement in and emergency. Egress windows offer that extra piece of mind knowing that you and your family can escape the basement in the event of a fire or emergency.
Egress Windows—Construction Contractor in Duluth, Minnesota
Typical egress window installation includes excavation in the yard and saw cutting the concrete foundations. There are code required specifications that must be met to have a "legal" egress window in the Duluth, MN Area. There are multiple "Egress Wells" available in a variety of price ranges. Plus we offer special pricing on egress window installation to our customers that purchase a basement finishing project.

Egress Windows Increase Property Value

Not only is having an egress window safer it also increases the “finished sq feet” of the house meaning it makes your house worth more money. Just think of the wonderful natural light that comes in. All of this will add tremendous value to your home. Call Mission Creek today to have your Egress Window Installed 218-GO4-HELP
Site Prep & Slab

Site Preparation

Before construction can begin on any piece of land, site preparation work must be completed. Site preparation involves a number of steps, but the exact process varies based on the condition of the land.
Site Preparation—Construction Contractor in Duluth, Minnesota
Common site preperation tasks include:
  • Clearing the site of rocks, trees and other vegetation
  • Grading or leveling the site
  • Staking the area where the structure will be built
  • Building access roads to the property
  • Drilling for and installing wells and septic systems
  • Digging for the foundation or basement
  • Connecting the site to the electrical grid
  • Developing erosion control measures
  • Demolishing existing structures (if necessary)

Concrete Slabs

From parking lots and roadways to buildings, concrete is a major player in your site's design – which means it's an element you can't afford to ignore. Our in-house Concrete Division is ready to construct or repair any site concrete needs your property may have. We specialize in all phases of concrete site work, including slabs and foundations, curbs, drives, sidewalks, access ramps, valley gutters, site wall footings, concrete paving and decorative concrete.
Concrete Slab—Construction Contractor in Duluth, Minnesota
Insulated Concrete Forms

Building With Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

ICF buildings have numerous advantages like, its structural strength, it creates a healthier living environment, and its eco-friendly. Insulated concrete forms provide protection against hurricanes force wind and fires they are also impervious to allergens and mold. Your heating and cooling costs are dramatically reduced because of the far superior insulation factor. Last but not least, termites and carpenter ants don't eat concrete so your house won't be at risk against those kinds of pests either.
Concrete Forms—Construction Contractor in Duluth, Minnesota

ICF Building Compatibility

In case you did not know, the ICF method of building is fully compatible with central vacuum systems, central air, in floor heat, Radon mitigation codes and many other important features that health conscious and detail-oriented homeowners expect. From the viewpoint of aesthetics, ICF homes can be built in just about any architectural style.

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